Mr. Samson Tam and Mr. Thomas Tam founded Group Sense Limited on 10 June.



Launched the world's first handheld English-Chinese electronic dictionary under the brand name "Instant-Dict".  Successfully applying the technology of compression for a small sized electronic dictionary with Motorola DragonCat CPU.

EC 1000


GSL launched electronic dictionary with real voices upon the introduction of text-to-speech technology.



GSL launched the world's first electronic dictionary embedded with the function of English-to-Chinese full-sentence translation with the co-operation with the Institute of Computer Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences under the 863 program.



Established R&D center in Shenzhen, PRC.



GSL expanded its production facility and moved to a newly established production plant in Chang An, Wu Sha, Dongguan, PRC.

GSL launched its first electronic dictionary with Chinese handwriting recognition function.

GSL expanded its business to communication products development.  Its communication product "Instant-Link DB4900P, was awarded the "Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Consumer Product Design".



GSL began developing Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) products and launched its first PDA that runs on a Chinese language platform with free handwriting input for Chinese characters and built-in electronic dictionaries.

GSL was awarded the international ISO9001 certification.

Personal Digital Assistant

GSL won the "Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Technological Achievement" the grand award presented by the HKSAR government.

Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Technological Achievement


GSL was awarded the "1999 H.K.E.I.A. AWARD for Outstanding Innovation and Technology Products".

GSL was awarded the international ISO14001 certification.



GSL developed wireless communication products and launched the world's first bilingual data-centric GSM PDA.

The group was restructured and divided into 3 Strategic Business Units (SBUs) according to the 3 major business lines, namely Electronic Dictionary, PDA/Smartphone and ODM.



GSL signed agreement with PalmSource, Inc. to license Palm OS for developing and marketing Palm OS mobile devices.



GSL launched its first Palm OS smartphone.

Palm OS Smartphone


InKnow Enterprise

InKnow Enterprise

State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (SSTPA) second class award -Dongguan Group Sense Factory.


GSL moved the headquarters to Hong Kong Science Park.


GSL launched several new products such as:
- eBook for China market
- Bluetooth audio products for USA market
- GPS product for car navigation

Instant-Dict was awarded the "Hong Kong Top Brand Awards (2006)" presented by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong.


GSL established a branch office in Japan successfully


GSL won the "Best Brand Enterprise Award 2007 (Greater China) ?Certificate Award for the Best Brand Enterprise" presented by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong

Our product, GPS Hatchback was awarded the "Hong Kong Award for Industries 2007 Consumer Product Design Awards and Certificates" presented by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.


Xplore launched a new product ?Xplore i280 Net TV, which facilitated users to watch their favorite TV programs anytime anywhere.

Our joint-venture in Guangzhou - Guangdong ZDXT Software Technology Company Limited successfully attained Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 certification.

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